Der Garten der Lüste

Season 2021/2022 – Deutsches Theater Berlin, directed by: Carina Riedl >>>

Zu der Zeit der Königinmutter
Foto: Arno Declair/Deutsches Theater

Zu der Zeit der Königinmutter

Season 2018/2019 – Akademie Theater Wien, directed by: Philipp Hauß >>>

Season 2019/2020 – Deutsches Theater Berlin, directed by: Charlotte Sprenger >>>

Der Fluss im Bauch Theater
Foto: Willie Schumann

Der Fluss im Bauch / Le Fleuve dans le Ventre

2019 – Performance-Dance-Poetry-Project with contributors from and performances in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Austria an Germany.

Centre Culturel M’EKO, Kinshasa

Schauspielhaus Wien >>>

Theater am Lend, Graz >>>

Nationaltheater Mannheim >>>

Tram 83

Season 2018/2019 – Schauspielhaus Graz, directed by: Dominic Friedel >>>

Season 2018/2019 – Nationaltheater Mannheim, directed by: Carina Riedl >>>

Seppi, the child who did not stop growing

World premiere in Graz as part of the La Strada Festival, 27.07. – 04.08.2018.

Libretto: Fiston Mwanza Mujila, artistic direction/composition/music: Patrick Dunst, directed by: Verena Kiegerl

Here, modern opera comes into being – in the streets, in public places, far away from elites that operate in closed spaces, up close and captivating. Jazz musicians interact with baroque singers, classical lines are distorted by electronic effects.
The tale of the child who refuses to stop growing tells the story of a society that is becoming increasingly alienated, excludes otherness, and is over-saturated by consumption. The narrator and author, Fiston Mwanza Mujila, both sides with the innocent boy who reflects the greed of his environment and at the same time presents him as an absurd, all-consuming monster. A story that could be set anywhere in the world, as the author from the Democratic Republic of Congo and former Graz City Writer in Residence stresses.
Unaccompanied minor refugees play the part of a uniform consumer society – the boundaries between exploiters and exploitees are blurred.